Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

30996CIS 35A61YJava Programming
00450CIS 35A63ZJava Programming
00453CIS 35B62YAdvanced Java Programming
32933CIS 64B63ZIntroduction to SQL
35820CIS 95A55LProject Management - A Practicum
35821CIS 95B55LProject Planning and Control - A Practicum

Fall 2018

00485CIS 35A61YJava Programming
23382CIS 35A62ZJava Programming
00487CIS 35B61YAdvanced Java Programming
22859CIS 64C62ZIntroduction to PL/SQL
24684CIS 95C55LRisk Assessment and Mitigation - A Practicum
24685CIS 95D55LManaging Outsourcing - A Practicum
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