Massage therapists help clients reduce pain, improve range of motion, and counteract the negative effects that unchecked stress has on the human mind and body. Aside from outdoor events such as health fairs, most massage therapy work is done indoors in massage clinics, health clubs, doctor's offices, spas or corporate settings. A massage therapist's hands, fingers, forearms, and elbows are used in gliding, rubbing, kneading, and friction techniques to apply pressure to muscle tissue and to facilitate joint mobilization according to their clients' physical condition, needs and desires. Moist heat, ice, diaphragmatic breathing and therapeutic exercises are also used when providing massage therapy.

Employment Outlook

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) collects data about the state’s workforce. These data include information about the number of people employed in the field, job outlook, and wage information. The California EDD predicts for the period 2008-2018 the number of openings for massage therapists to increase by 10%. For more detailed information about opportunities for massage therapists, check the California Occupational Guide for the occupations listed below:

  • Massage Therapists (SOC 31-9011)

Necessary Education and Skills for Career Success
A massage therapist works on a client.

Potential massage therapists should be in good health because this work is physically demanding. Evening and weekend work are common as are long periods of standing and reaching.

General Info About the Program

De Anza College's Massage Therapy Program is therapeutically based and requires comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. De Anza offers a 25.5 unit (516-hour) Certificate of Achievement, a 44.5 unit (876-hour) Certificate of Achievement-Advanced, and an Associate in Arts degree (1,020-hour). The degree program takes about two years to complete. The Massage Therapy program is excellent preparation for those planning to transfer to a four-year university for further study in kinesiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, or chiropractic school.

Massage Therapy Certificate and Degree Programs

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement-Advanced

Associate Degree (A.A.)

For more information contact the Massage Therapy Department:
Physical Education and Athletics Division
De Anza PE 41-H
(408) 864-8910 or 8751

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